Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reflect & Connect - my progress with mahara

Well it has been an interesting week! Have begun to sort out my eportfolio in Mahara.
Mahara seems to be a very professional looking and involved program to use however with a little playing in there I have managed to start filling in my profile, my resume and actually made a view to load in artifacts for the CHCORG428A  RPL process.
How would i rate Mahara ? It does take a little time to work it out, not a simple program to use, you need a little time to get your head around it and really you do need to plan what you are going to do before you start in Mahara, however I can see the merit in it. I have to say I was most impressed to find I could embed my external blog into there although not so impressed that I cant post into the blog from Mahara :(
Bottom line - I am very glad to have been able to experience Mahara under the support and guidance of the Reflect and Connect Team - Carole and Junita.

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