Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reflect & Connect - my e-idea action plan!

The next thing was to put those goals into action and here is the my e-idea action plan.
This took me a while to get in order and lots of writing it in and reviewing and changing however we have a finished product that I am pretty happy with and of course always up for renegotiation should things start to go pear shaped or head into another pathway and I will always have this great reference tool (my e-idea action plan) to either bring me mack onto track or review and explore a new pathway!

Name: Kathryn Matthews
Focus area

Reflecting and Connecting on course performance

My E-dea

Gather my artifacts from this reflect and connect course to develop my e portfolio to use as an RPL for CHCORG428A Reflect on and improve own professional practice.

Action Steps

What will need to be done?

A.    Resources Available

B.    Resources Needed (financial, human, political & other)
Potential Barriers
A.    What problems could occur with this step?
B.    What might you do to overcome them?

When do you plan to have this done by? 

Step 1:
Determine goals and aims for the course

A. Reflect & Connect forums

B. Time and thought processes. Ability to break goals into bite sized pieces.
A. Making unrealistic/unachievable goals.

B. Make sure goals /aims can be achieved in time frame. Break goals down into small steps each building upon the other. Put some rewards in place as an incentive to move onto the next goal step.
By Week 4 
Step 2:
Contribute and share in course activities and give feedback. Participation in weekly online meetings
A. Computer and internet service. Fellow course participants. Blog.

B. Time, good feedback techniques. 11/2 hours each Monday night for meeting.
Elluminate skills,
A. Not enough interaction in forums and blogs. Not dedicating time each week to update blog. Conflict with work engagements/commitments.

B. Dedicate time to interact in forums blog and Monday night meetings each week. Use forum posts to update blog. Make sure read and provide positive feedback to fellow participants. Visit fellow learners’ blogs and leave positive comments.
Plan and prioritize tasks required.
By end of course 
Step 3:
Gather artifacts as make way through course
A. Artifacts produced as moving through course ie; assignments and interaction, team assignments.
Templates and resources on Reflect & Connect Moodle and internet.

B. File and folder management skills.
Skills in determining
A. Don’t get  assignments done on time or at all.
Getting bogged down in artifacts

B. Allot regular timeframes for gathering artifacts in folder on PC ready for upload to Mahara.
Resource templates to pick one that suits my learning style.
Just pick one or two artifacts that best describe the activity.
Don’t forget to ask for help if needed. Put ideas into forums for feedback if not sure.
 By end of course
Step 4:
Produce a view in Mahara to share with fellow learners and to use for RPL
A. Mahara. Resources and templates within Mahara environment and on internet.

B. Skills needed to understand Mahara environment and use of Mahara tools.
A. Getting bogged down in trying to fit too much in.

B. Resource templates to pick one that suits my learning style.
Pick one or two artifacts that best describe the activity
Investigate and explore Mahara before starting to upload and make view.
Don’t forget to ask for help if needed. Put ideas into forums for feedback if not sure.

By end of course 

Evidence Of Success (How will you know that you are making progress? What are your benchmarks?)
1.      Interaction in Reflect & Connect forums
2.      Interactions in my blog and other learners’ blogs
3.      Completion of set assignments
4.      Attendance at Weekly online meetings.
5.      Positive feedback through the forums and my blog
6.      Self-satisfaction of performance
7.      Connection with fellow learners

Evaluation Process (How will you determine that your goal has been reached? What are your measures?)
1.      Reflection of experience
2.      Critical reflection of practices, assignments and Mahara view, goals and aims.
3.      Peer feedback
4.      Evaluation by Course facilitators


  1. Hi Katt,
    love the sharing of your e-action plan, well done.

  2. Thank you for your comments - I never stop learning or experiencing and can see great merit in planning to succeed! Really enjoying expanding my repertoire and sharing my learning experience.