Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have just been experimenting with animoto! What a great little program this is. Very easy to use and produces lovely slideshows complete with transitions, music, text etc. Here is my first attempt -


Learned all about "Glogster" this week ! The opportunity to use it soon followed. I was driving home from work, listening to the radio as usual when the announcer kept using the word "segue". What tha! Naturally being a women I was able to retrieve a pen and scribble the word how I thought it was spelt on my hand as I was driving - carefully I might add and only at the stoplight ;) when I was stopped.
To cut a long story short find out all about segue in my first attempt at a glog!:

I just think of all the ways you could use this application - a simple fun way to get your word across or tell a story, the possibilities are endless.

My "e-journey" so far.........

In 1996-7 saw a computer in the Radio Rental shop window - second hand for sale, became infatuated, bought it lol. It was from memory a windows 3.11 operating system. So then decided I needed some lessons and did a 40 hour intensive computer course at the local neighbourhood house using windows 95 and never looked back!
Following on from there several worked for several years part time repairing and upgrading computers amongst other things lol.
As a self confessed geek,  when I was introduced to elearning through ACFE in my curent position at the Mt Eliza Village Neighbourhood Centre I grabbed it and ran! So here I am just really starting to embed my elearning and create my digital footprint!